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Particulars and Equipment

We organize sailing expeditions to the Arctic with our specially designed and built expedition yacht "Bagheera". There is no place in the Arctic where we won't be able to bring you, as long as there is navigable water! We started sailing in the high latitudes in 1995 and have enjoyed it ever since! "Bagheera" was built in 2008, and all we had learned up to that moment, was used in the design of this maginificent vessel.

We offer the following types of expeditions:
- Individual charters,
- Group charters,
- Mile builders for sailing schools (RYA recognized),
- Personal training,
- Private expeditions such as:
       - Mountaineering support vessel,
       - Diving support vessel,
       - Research support vessel,
       - Scientific expeditions,
       - Arctic logistics.
Let us know what you want to do, and we make it happen!

We do all this with the smallest possible carbon foot print. The boat is heated with the rest heat of the engine, which we can store for several weeks if required. Electrical power is generated by the propeller dragged through the water while sailing, which generates enough electricity to heat the boat with! Our drinking water is litterally falling of the mountains and is glacial water of the greatest purity. With 6 persons aboard, we produce less carbon dioxide in a month than 1 person in average produces in a single day in North America!

The Arctic is very dear to us and we want to do everything in our power to reduce our inpact on nature to the minimum. We are continiously investing in our vessel to make it more environmentally friendly. Our goal is to be emmision free by 2018!

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